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Syndio's 2015 recap (in gifs)

We are starting 2016 strong and moving full steam ahead, but can’t forget 2015…

So today, we are looking back at the past year’s accomplishments with accompanying gifs – our company’s favorite mode of internal communication.

Stay tuned for more from us in the New Year!

P.S. Do you also love gifs? We're hiring!


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Communicate with confidence: How communication leads to innovation

Communication has evolved. In today's world, communicating is so far beyond simple face-to-face conversation. With all of the new and different channels of communication, "bad communication" has become something that is tough to measure. However, it is obvious that bad communication exists. 

As our communication infographicstates that "86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures."

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Entrepreneur: "How to Overcome the Greatest Risk to Your Company's Agenda"

Yesterday, we covered talent risk on our blog.

Today, our CEO Zack Johnson is featured on, sharing more information about how people analytics can help "Overcome the Greatest Risk to Your Company's Agenda":

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Manage talent risk: Viewing talent with a lens on risk

Why is talent so important? We ended last week’s blog post on change by saying: “It is safe to say that successful change starts with people - the life force of all companies.”

Not only are the people in an organization important for driving change, they are also crucial to innovation, knowledge sharing, and overall, driving their business leader’s initiatives forward with a collaborative force.

So where are the people that can ensure that your business is moving forward – not holding back progress? It’s likely that they are already working for you… you just don’t know their names yet, or know how important they are to your agenda. 

We’ve covered HOW to find these all-important people (see our articles on Inc and, and our blog posts on finding key people: 1 and 2), but let’s dive into WHY talent is so important… 

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Accelerate transformation: An in-depth look at organizational change

What is change? Merriam-Webster defines change in three ways:

  • to become different
  • to make (someone or something) different
  • to become something else

In a way, when large organizations (and frankly, organizations of any size) go through a change, they are attempting to accomplish all three of these definitions.